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Universal Design? Learn what it is, and how we can make it a reality for you.

Simply put - Universal design is the design of products and environments to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for major adaptation or specialized design. Universal Design includes adaptations that everyone would find makes your home safer and more comfortable to visit and for you to live in.

Here are several great resources to browse - We know you'll find a lot of ideas here - Review these resources and jot down your needs...then contact us!

Truth is, there's a lot to learn, and know about, and that's overwhelming, especially if you are the caregiver. Let us help by doing a Safe at Home Assessment. We'll review it with you so we can come up with a prioritized list of adaptations.

Consider it our first Little Deed together!

"Universal Design: Making Your Home Accessible, No Matter Your Age or Ability"

"Home Modifications and Products for Safety and Ease of Use" Center for Universal Design:

"Safety for Older Consumers – Home Safety Checklist" By the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

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