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Our Story

Our grandparents struggled with their homes as their abilities changed.


Their once wonderful kitchen became a dangerous place, and navigating the bathroom was a nightmare.

Even getting out of bed was tricky with slippery rugs and nothing to hold onto in a room that was too dark because the light was both dim and hard to reach.

Little things created big problems. 

So one little deed after another made their home a wonderful place to live again.

Helping our family, and now yours: This is why we started Little Deeds


Ensuring you feel comfortable and safe at home again is what we do. 

We begin with an assessment of what you need and want to live well.

We then fix the little things that need fixing and install what needs installing by licensed, certified, skilled, and caring craftspeople.

We pay special attention to you and your family... because that's what matters most. 

Proudly Serving Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Prince George’s, and Montgomery Counties.

Look out for the Velo!

The Little Deeds Enclosed Bike is in your neighborhood

The Little Deeds Velo is one of a kind! Only one of two human 100% human powered vehicles in the state, ours is the only one sporting the Little Deeds colors.

keep an eye out for us riding around your neighborhood, we're always happy to chat or pose for a selfie with you!

The Little Deeds Branded Velomobile
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