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Public Funding Sources for Maryland Residents

The state of Maryland and individual counties have multiple Aging in Place 

Housing Tax Credits, Grants, and Loans 

you may not know about!

Our mission at Little Deeds is to help every Maryland resident live at home safely, regardless of income. We are willing and able to help you apply for and receive public funding to make your home a safe and comfortable place for the years to come.

As we worked with homeowners and renters we have learned that many of our friends & neighbors don’t know about some important Maryland programs that can save them hundreds and even thousands of dollars a year. 


This page outlines special needs grants, loans, and tax credits we have researched and helped homeowners and renters apply for. The team at Little Deeds is standing by to help you as well, just call, text, or email us to get started.

We understand that navigating these programs may feel daunting at first, thats why we are raising our hands to help! Let us know if you need help with the applications or making a plan: It's what Little Deeds Does! :)

Every homeowner should apply for the Maryland Homestead Property Tax program - It reduces the rate of increase in your property tax, saving hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. You only have to apply once and you are done! This program keeps your new property tax assessments capped at no more than 10% a year to avoid huge increases at any one time - EVERY SINGLE OWNER OCCUPANT is eligible. To quickly check on your status click on Real Property Search here, enter your address, and scroll to the bottom to see if you have applied.


This program provides a refund or credit on your taxes based on income. This program can be a huge benefit for those with lower and fixed incomes, returning to you many hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Click here to apply annually.


This rental credit refund program is based on age and income, it refunds up to $1,000 a year to those who qualify. Some counties like Montgomery have additional benefits. Click here to learn more.


The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development administers a State of Maryland tax credit for residents of the state who have renovated a home to be more accessible. The tax credit may be up to 50% of the cost of the renovation up to $5,000, whether ​it’s your own home, the home of a family member, or a rental property. To claim this credit, the renovations must have taken place during the prior tax year, and you must demonstrate the costs incurred with receipts, invoices, before and after pictures, etc. Any approved accessibility features will be considered in the calculation for the tax credit amount. Click here to learn more, or contact Little Deeds at 410-450-4466 - we are happy to walk you through the application.


The Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development offers a program for accessibility related improvements to the homes of seniors. These improvements may include, among others, the installation of grab bars and railings, widening of doorways and installation of ramps. Home improvements such as these represent for many older people the key to remaining in their home and maintaining their independence.​

The program provides zero percent interest, deferred loans for a term of 30 years or grants to finance accessibility improvements. Click here to learn more, or contact Little Deeds at 410-450-4466 - we are happy to walk you through the application.


Maryland WholeHome grants and loans can be used to upgrade to energy efficient appliances, repair or replace heating and cooling systems, replace insulation, add accessibility features for seniors or those with special needs, remove lead paint, upgrade plumbing, and address structural and maintenance issues. With low-interest rate loans and grants, having a healthier home that saves money is easier than ever. Click here to learn more, or contact Little Deeds at 410-450-4466 - we are happy to walk you through the application.


This unique program provides zero-interest deferred (meaning no payments) loans up to 100% of your home value to bring it up to code - it is income restricted, but a great opportunity for homeowners needing help improving the safety and comfort of thier homes. Click here for more information or contact Little Deeds at 41-0450-4466 to learn more


The Specially Adapted Housing Program is available to disabled veterans via two major sources of assistance:

  1. Specially Adapted Housing Grant

  2. Special Housing Adaptation Grant

The assistance provided by the SAH Program can be used to purchase, construct, or adapt a home that meets the needs of the disabled Veteran. The funds can also be used to reduce the debt from buying a home that has already been adapted.

The amount of SAH assistance a disabled Veteran can receive is based on a few things:

  • The nature of the Veteran’s disability

  • The scope of the project

  • The amount of SAH assistance already received

Click here for more information or contact Little Deeds at 410-450-4466 to learn more.

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