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7 HandymanTips to Save Time and Money

Hiring a handyman is a great way to bridge the gap between the projects you can DIY - and the projects that require a pro. Here are seven

tips for hiring a handyman to save time and money on all kinds of projects.

1. Save on electrical and plumbing jobs.

It’s safe to assume that getting into your home’s wiring or piping will require the help of a licensed professional. But many jobs don't require a license: Replacing a faucet or toilet; fixing a leak; or replacing small electrical components like light switches, outlets, and fans. So, hiring a skilled handyman like Little Deeds instead of an electrician or plumber for these projects can save money. If you need to run a new line or install new plumbing we have licensed electricians and plumbing experts we can refer to you and coordinate with.

2. Tackle hard-to-reach tasks.

Don’t have the time or tools to tackle hard-to-reach home projects? A handyman can change those high-up light bulbs or clean the hard-to-reach fans and windows safely and easily. (As a safeguard, always check to be sure your handyman and any other pro you hire are licensed, bonded, and carry liability insurance.)

3. Take the hassle out of assembly projects.

Assembling furniture, mounting TVs or over-the-range microwaves can be both frustrating and time-consuming — and if you do it wrong, it could end up costing you a lot more money than hiring someone else to do it for you. A lot of people find it’s well worth the cost to pay a handyman like Little Deeds to take these projects off their hands.

4. Go green to save green.

Having a handyman seal your home to prevent air leakage will increase energy efficiency. Weatherstripping, caulking, and sealing doors and windows will lower your energy bills and save you money all year long. Also, we pay it forward by doing what we can to help lower-income seniors and the disabled with low-cost repairs.

5. Bundle projects.

You’ll get the best deal by bundling small jobs to get them done all at once. We can paint a room, mount a TV, clear the gutters, and change bathroom fixtures all in one visit!

6. Buy materials in advance.

Most handymen need to mark up the price of materials to cover the costs for their time to research, find, purchase, and pick up the items. You already know how a trip to Ace Hardware or Lowes or Home Depot almost never takes just a few minutes! So, whether you’re hiring a handyman to install a smart door lock, or replace a ceiling fan or storm door, you may save money getting the things you’ll need ahead of time. But check first! Sometimes we get discounts you don’t and sometimes we need a quality product that’s a bit more expensive to serve you better over the long haul.

7. Build a relationship.

Building relationships with pros like Little Deeds means you’ll have someone to call on anytime in case of a home emergency like a burst pipe, broken sump pump or window. Plus, we’ll typically have a network of specialists to call on if you find that you do need the help of a specialist. We work with some great contractors we totally trust with our own homes including home stagers, haulers, well pump pros, electricians, plumbers, flooring pros, window suppliers, and many more!

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