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Little Deeds in the Community

At Little Deeds, Quality of life is everything. To help people in our community enjoy the quality of life they deserve, we give back.

We Proudly Serve Anne Arundel, Baltimore, Howard, Prince George’s, and Montgomery Counties

"After years working in the nonprofit sector, I began this Little company with the vision and mission to continue to make a difference in people’s quality of life. In fact, I even did a quality-of-life TED Talk!" -Greg Cantori

Little Deeds is a Proud Sponsor of the Anne Arundel County Lifeline 100 Century Ride

Thank you note from the Anne Arrundel County Lifeline 100 Century Ride and the little deeds logo

The award-winning Anne Arundel County Lifeline 100 Bicycle Event is pleased to be an inclusive event offering scenic 65 and 100 mile county tours with water views and historic sites, 15 and 30 mile flat, paved trail rides; and a free bike rodeo and family fun ride for children! We welcome riders with special needs and bikes of all kinds!

At Little Deeds, we believe in creating the opportunity for everyone to have affordable housing.

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Little Deeds began organically as a way to help family stay in their home, and has grown to do the same for the greater community

Article highlighting little deeds in the community

We are thrilled that our own Renee Cantori will receive a 2023 Fannie Lou Hamer Award in recognition of her local human rights advocacy work.

The 28th Fannie Lou Hamer Awards Reception will honor nine local women for their civil and human rights leadership on October 1, 2023 at St. Phillips Episcopal Church in Annapolis. Fannie Lou Hamer, 1917-1977, was an American voting rights activist, civil rights leader, and philanthropist. The awards that bear her name recognize women from various racial backgrounds who, while not necessarily household names, have excelled in their chosen fields while working diligently to improve civil and human rights in the region. Carl Snowden, chair of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Committee, will serve as master of ceremonies. A full dinner will follow the program. Tickets are $50. The event is sponsored by the Martin Luther King Jr. Committee of Anne Arundel County. For more information call 301.538.6353 or e-mail Purchase tickets online at

Renee Cantori, of Pasadena, is the daughter of a Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany. Among her extensive volunteer portfolio, for the last six years, Cantori has been assisting families petitioning for asylum through the Annapolis Immigration Justice Network. She was a lead organizer for Anne Arundel County’s ‘End White Silence’ protest and has supported many other anti-racist protests. A #TeachTruth proponent, Cantori has led Connecting the Dots’ Anne Arundel County (CTDAACO) advocacy for an inclusive curriculum and increased transparency to combat hate and bias incidents against people of color and LGBTQ+ students. She was active on the Citizens Advisory Committee hate/bias subcommittee, and regularly meets with Anne Arundel County Public Schools officials on matters of equitable education. Through CTDAACO, Cantori coordinated the installations of Anne Arundel County’s Lynching Memorials, collaborating with the Equal Justice Initiative, City and County officials, and the Anne Arundel County Public Library. 

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